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Jr Genius Kids Trade-Up

How it Works

  1. One of our trained bike professionals fits Jr. to a bike
  2. Take that bike home and encourage Jr. to ride it as much as possible
  3. When Jr. outgrows that bike, bring it back and receive up to 100% of the purchase price toward the next size up
  4. Take home a new bike that fits 

Simple, right?

Program Eligibility:  Under 5’ tall and under 16 years of age

Trade-up bike value percentage determined by EC staff based on wear and tear 

Girl riding bike

How Does Trading Up Work?

Our Kids’ Bike Trade-Up Program is simple - invest in a quality bike today, and bring it back to us when your child is ready for the next size. We’ll inspect the bike and give you up to 50% of the original price to spend on a new kids’ bike. This program is valid until your child is ready for an adult bike!

Kids' Balance Bikes

Up To 3 Years Old / 30-35" Tall

12-Inch Kids' Bikes

2-4 Years Old / 35-40" Tall

16-Inch Kids' Bikes

3-6 Years Old / 39-46" Tall

20-Inch Kids' Bikes

5-8 Years Old / 45-52" Tall

24-Inch Kids' Bikes

7-10 Years Old / 51-63" Tall

Your Neighborhood Bike Shop

We love helping new riders find the perfect first bike. We believe that cycling can offer you and your family a lifetime of healthy, happy adventures and we look forward to seeing you soon!