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  • Write this down: Nate St. Onge has switched to Christmas music already. In mid-September. #ecdoesit
  • The Rock Road 50/50 is this Sunday! We've looked over the route. Now you can, too! #ecdoesit
  • Don't forget about our FREE cyclocross clinic Monday night at Hannah Park! 6.30pm. See you there!
  • We put together a preview for the Rock Road 50/50 course! Don't miss our recon ride, Sunday 7.30am Timber Ridge.
  • What We Like Wednesday from this week: Ec Buffs! #ecdoesit
  • RT @BellsBrewery: Up for a little @IcemanTCMI practice & a beer dinner? MT @teamBAREFOOT: Join @GTResort and @einsteincycles in Oct.:...
  • REMINDER: Speed of Light is at 6.15 from the shop, 6.30 from the Vasa 25km Lot. It's la Vuelta finale! #ecdoesit
  • Great day for a bike ride! It is going to be a great autumn. Have fun out there!
  • ICYMI: Our Labor Day Adventure Ride was, of course, legendary. #ecdoesit
  • Best of luck to everyone racing at @TheAlmaGP tomorrow! Hup, hup, hup, folks. #cx
  • Speed of Light has just three nights left! Remember, 6:15 from the shop and 6:30 from the lot through September. #ecdoesit
  • Have a great Labor Day, #tcmi and we'll see you out on the trails!
  • Have a wonderful Labor Day!
  • Get in here! A reminder Ec will be open 10-2 Sunday, and will be closed for Labor Day, Monday September 1. #ecdoesit
  • Just a heads up that the shop will be closing at 2pm today due to ADVENTURE! Stop by and see us, we'll be closed for Labor Day #ecdoesit
Einstein Cycles
Custom Ec Wool jerseys are back! Comfort, style, function and wool. It's the tuxedo of the bike world, and the perfect item to cover the top half of your body for the next 9 months. Guess the model in this photo and receive exactly $1 off your wool jersey purchase.
Tuesday, Sep 16th at 4:38pm
Einstein Cycles
The days are getting shorter, but your rides don't have to. From commuting in style to exploring the woods, having the right lights and the right colors make all the difference. See and be seen with clothing from GORE Bike Wear and light from NiteRider Technical Lighting, Light & Motion Bike Lights and many more!
Monday, Sep 15th at 3:24pm
Einstein Cycles
With Rock Road Race 50/50, Endoman Promotions, LLC.'s Peak2Peak and, of course, Iceman Cometh Challenge, it's time to start losing sleep over your mountain bike. Squish or rigid? Carbon wheels? What's your favorite bit of bling on your bike?
Saturday, Sep 13th at 2:57pm
Einstein Cycles
Jake's rig for Crystal Cross presented by Einstein Cycles is in! He's hoping on a Focus Bikes USA Mares AX, complete with hydraullic disc brakes for the chicane section. Tonight's Speed of Light is going to be a great test for its first real ride.
Thursday, Sep 11th at 5:39pm
Einstein Cycles
Just in case you missed it, Julien Absalon took his 5th World Championship this past weekend in Norway, and this time he did it about his BMC Fourstroke 01. Full-suspension is FAST! Check out how the race went for Absalon, and ask Natron and Boss Man about their FS01s the next time you swing by!
Wednesday, Sep 10th at 7:17pm
Einstein Cycles
It's Birthday Day at Ec! Jason Lowetz and Eric Pollard both celebrate another year on bikes and on earth. Both are out enjoying the weather, but the shop will accept birthday cakes, pies, brownies, cookies or jars of Nutella in their honor. Wish these dudes a rockin' day if you see them out in the world!
Tuesday, Sep 9th at 2:51pm
Einstein Cycles
Johnny con Leche says "Goede Dag!" from the Dutch countryside! Ec is everywhere. That's a nice looking windmill, eh?
Monday, Sep 8th at 6:27pm
Einstein Cycles
Another Guru Cycling fit, this time for the ridiculously fast Ross Williams! His Focus Bikes USA Izalco is now #guruoptimized. JW is a great resource not just during the fit, but after, explaining why everything is where it is on YOUR perfect fit.
Friday, Sep 5th at 4:14pm
Einstein Cycles
Lean over a table or counter, because your jaw is about the drop HARD. 40% off all 2013 bikes in stock at the shop. It's time to make tracks on down to Ec, because these aren't going to last long. Especially this Kona Mohala. Look how artsy it is.
Thursday, Sep 4th at 5:03pm
Einstein Cycles
Competition Time: Guess how many miles are on Cody's Focus Mares AX and win this San Marco mini-fender device! Closest guess takes the prize! Competition ends later today. Good luck!
Wednesday, Sep 3rd at 4:52pm
Einstein Cycles
Where did your Labor Day ride take you? Check out what the shop guys did to stretch their legs and unwind. Adventure, fun, and no-spandex....That's a heckuva bike ride.
Tuesday, Sep 2nd at 4:45pm
Einstein Cycles
Bringing back this landmark capture in the world of cycling photography to remind you all that the shop will be closing early today. We'll be open 10-2, and will be closed Monday to celebrate Labor Day. We will return to normal hours of operation Tuesday, 10-6.
Sunday, Aug 31st at 11:34am
Einstein Cycles
If you needed another reason to check out GiroSportDesign, here's two. Giro took two awards at Eurobike this week at two very opposite ends of the cycling shoe spectrum. It's top of the line road shoe Empire SLX is just 175 grams, but sacrifices nothing on support or stiffness. The Rumble is a touring shoe that turns heads and saves feet. One common between them...laces! The Revolution is here.
Saturday, Aug 30th at 4:49pm
Einstein Cycles
We've received a lot of great feedback on our Guru Cycling Fit System! Ec is excited to offer $75 off all fits booked in September. There's no better way to get geared up and ready to ride this fall than the perfect position on the bike with F.I.S.T. certified fitter Jason Whittaker. Call the shop or email us at to set up your appointment.
Thursday, Aug 28th at 3:06pm
Einstein Cycles
If you're looking for the new Borealis Fat Bikes Echo and Yampa, look no further. There's no better way to explore the trail less traveled, and Ec has all the offerings from Surly Bikes, Salsa Cycles, and more to choose from. See you in the woods...or on the beach...or on the gravel road...or anywhere.
Tuesday, Aug 26th at 5:39pm
Einstein Cycles
The season of gravel us upon us! Get your gravel grinder and join us for some great adventures to new places, old favorites, and the roads less traveled.
Monday, Aug 25th at 6:25pm
Lauri Forbes
Great job to Nathan. Nice video on your finish!
Monday, Aug 25th at 4:17pm
Einstein Cycles
Congratulations to everyone who took on the X100 Race yesterday! From the ten mile race to the full hundo, a lot of riders were out there to push the limits and see what they were capable of. You can check out the full results here:
Sunday, Aug 24th at 4:51pm
Einstein Cycles
Cross is coming! Please take a moment to 'Like' Crystal Cross presented by Einstein Cycles. We're excited to join Endoman Promotions, LLC.'s Peak2Peak to create a full weekend of racing at Crystal Mountain October 18 and 19. Can you match the style of Boss Man?
Thursday, Aug 21st at 8:36pm