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  • Our weekly There Will Be Blood Ride starts tomorrow at 7.15am! Check the route out here.
  • Tuesday Night Worlds. April 22nd. Be there.
  • What We Like Wednesdays. NOW! Eric's Snack Sack gets the treatment.
  • New to riding in a group? Here are some pointers on jumping in the pack.
  • #ParisRoubaix
  • Cancellara takes the sprint! Another Flanders title for Spartacus! #rvv
  • Fabs has last wheel! #rvv
  • 1km to go! #rvv
  • Cancellara looks unsure. It’s going to be a sprint. #rvv
  • Cancellara probes one, dials it back! #rvv All were present and correct for that one. 1.4km to go.
  • Vandenberg and van Avermaet chat up front, let’s Cancellara back in the game. #rvv
  • Vandenberg goes, van Avermaet gets the wheel and Cancellara can’t go! He’s pulling Van Marcke. #rvv
  • 3.7km to go, does Cancellata trust his sprint? #rvv
  • Cancellara drifts wide to look over the others. Sizing them up for a big move. #rvv
  • Vandenberg needs to commit now, they’re pulling out more time from his teammates. No excuses. #rvv
Einstein Cycles
It's sunny, it's warm, and it even feels like summer. Get out, ride, and stop by to say hello. #ecdoesit
Saturday, Apr 19th at 2:23pm
Einstein Cycles
In Case You Missed It: Yesterday, we debuted one of a few new series on the blog, "What We Like Wednesdays". In this riveting review, we sit down with bike packing expert and general Sackologist Eric Pollard about his Revelate Designs frame bag. Click that link, and learn!
Thursday, Apr 17th at 8:42pm
Einstein Cycles
There's no better way to map out your ride-and find interesting things along the way-than picking up a Garmin Touring Plus. Loads of map, searchable database, and everything you need to explore. It's slightly better than Cody's hand-drawn maps, at least for actually getting places.
Tuesday, Apr 15th at 9:24pm
Einstein Cycles
We had a great turn out for our Paris-Roubaix Party and Ride yesterday. Even after a thrilling race, all anyone could talk about was the sweet Salsa Warbird Ti with ZIPP 303s. And the wheelies Tim was popping off were also rather admired. Thanks for coming, everyone!
Monday, Apr 14th at 1:56pm
Einstein Cycles
A big thanks to everyone who made it to the shop to watch, and for those who braved the wet and lucked out with a great ride! The next time you see Eric, give him a big hug for making delicious waffles.
Sunday, Apr 13th at 7:13pm
Einstein Cycles
Final Itinerary:1. We will begin watching the race at 9. You can show up whenever, but keep in mind, the delicious, handmade waffles won't last the whole morning. 2. The race ends around 11am. We will make a decision on riding at 10.30am. If it's a downpour, it's a no-go, but if it's just a tickling sprinkle, we are rolling. 3. Everyone will be doing the 34 mile route. Maps will be provided, if you'd like one. Expect the ride to last around 2 hours. 4. It's going to be a really darn fun time. See you in the morning!
Saturday, Apr 12th at 8:37pm
Einstein Cycles
Salsa Cycles dropped a big, squishy bomb this past week with the official release of the Bucksaw, the first production full suspension fat bike on Earth. Seeing as that's where YOU live, you'll probably need one. Nate has already vowed to race Peak2Peak and the downhill race, back to back, on a Bucksaw. What will you do with it?
Saturday, Apr 12th at 11:14am
Einstein Cycles
Don't forget to post your own #ecdoesit photo. We'll be picking a $50 gift card winner on Instagram on April 30. Record your travels and adventures, and the people who roam with you. Use the hashtag #ecdoesit to register. Here is Cody's from this morning's Ec Paris-Roubaix Recon.
Friday, Apr 11th at 4:45pm
Einstein Cycles
Just in from a recon of the course. Two muddy spots, but other than that, it's wide open and awesome!
Friday, Apr 11th at 1:47pm
Einstein Cycles
Our recon droids are reporting that our best option for Sunday's ride will be the original There Will Be Fun And Some Blood route. It's 35 miles of happy times, some mud, and a lot of laughs. We will have maps and cue sheets available at the shop.
Thursday, Apr 10th at 2:48pm
Don Marsh
Interesting concept. Vasa thoughts?
Wednesday, Apr 9th at 1:16pm
Tim Pease
Road into the shop yesterday after having a little trouble on the road and Chris had me back out the door in a snap good as new. Thanks
Wednesday, Apr 9th at 1:15pm
Einstein Cycles
"We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our real selves." Thomas Merton was obviously thinking about wheels. We've got the best from Reynolds Cycling, Zipp Speed Weaponry, Easton Cycling, Mavic and others to choose from.
Tuesday, Apr 8th at 7:21pm
Einstein Cycles
This is pretty darn cool.
Tuesday, Apr 8th at 2:12pm
Einstein Cycles
It's coming up quick! The dirt roads sound pretty icy, wet and rough at the moment, but again, we will let you know when we know. Until then, check out this great highlight reel of 2013's race.
Monday, Apr 7th at 9:07pm
Curt Peterson
Karma.... cyclists just arrived in numbers at Darrow Park 1pm Today. All groups were there: Keen, Einstein, CCCC, Hagerty, City Bike, and lots of high performance cyclist. What fun today with warm temps and snow beside the road.
Monday, Apr 7th at 4:11am
Curt Peterson
Road Riding on a nice warm day on April 6th
Monday, Apr 7th at 4:06am
Einstein Cycles
We'll be checking on road conditions throughout the week, and if it's too icy or solid mud, we will make adjustments, likely a ride on Old Mission Peninsula.
Sunday, Apr 6th at 9:37pm
Einstein Cycles
It was simply a wonderful day for a bicycle ride. Where did you ride?
Sunday, Apr 6th at 9:27pm
Chris Remy
SMang's Mares AX Ready for Gravel road action. New Surly Knard tires and Retroshift BURD CX Rear derailleur and carbon post to take off the sting... a bit! Get yo gravel on.
Saturday, Apr 5th at 1:32pm