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  • Stage Three of the Speed of Light Tour Competition leaves the shop at 6.30pm, or 6.45 from the Vasa 25km Lot. Vive la France! #ecdoesit
  • Check out the Salsa Cycles we're excited about after the 2015 preview! #salsacycles
  • How you taking on the #RaphaRising challenge from @Strava ? Jake is just over a quarter of the way done!
  • Good luck to everyone taking on the Ride Around Torch tomorrow morning! And to those doing the 250km #ecdoesit
  • "That's a negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full." TOP GUN tonight, 7pm, Bryant Park! #dangerzone #bikeinmovie
  • Don't forget! Tonight is the Bike-In TC screening of TOP GUN! #topgun #dangerzone
  • Mountain top finish today at #TDF Who are you taking for the summit victory? #TDF2014
  • Ryan "Mr. President" Kennedy is in yellow heading into tonight's Stage Two of the SOL Tour Competition. See you at 6.30pm!
  • Friday. Bike-In TC. Bryant Park. TOP GUN. And an Ec vs. Short's Beach Volleyball Game. Fun Starts at 7pm.
  • Today is a HUGE day at the #TDF Who are you taking for the mountain top finish?
  • Ec Genuis Tip #27: If you are tired in the Tour, try to not to be and still go fast. #protip #ecdoesit #TDF
  • Ec Genius Tip #12,123: You can't win the Tour on your backside. #protip #TDF
  • Best of luck to all the riders at #TDF2014 on an amazing day in Northern France! #cobbles
  • @TourDeJose @icemanbb @inrng That's huge
  • What #tcmi rider would you send to #TDF2014
Einstein Cycles
All-new shop kits are in! Designed personally by Jason Lowetz, it's a great new look for Ec. All of the colors carry a meaning: "The black is synonymous with the shop, while the pastel red is the color of our cherries. The yellow and blue stand for Traverse City's beaches and lakes. It's like wearing home on your body at high speed. And I think that's beautiful." Check them out today, 'cause these could be gone by tomorrow....
Thursday, Jul 24th at 2:27pm
RobertandJill Sampson
Do you have area road bike map of all the bike lanes in traverse city? The one I found online not the best.
Tuesday, Jul 22nd at 3:26pm
Einstein Cycles
Spy shots from Boss Man aboard the all-new Salsa Cycles Bucksaw! "They should call it the 'Blow Your Mind Saw', it's that fun to ride," quoth BM. We'll have the Bucksaw and all the other 2015 offerings at our Salsa Demo Day on August 17!
Tuesday, Jul 22nd at 2:35pm
Einstein Cycles
What better weather to think about fat bikes than when it's 90 and sunny? Our Fearless Leader is off to sunny Utah at Saddle Drive, where the hip new fat bikes are on display. What Salsa Cycles and Surly Bikes are you looking forward to? Bucksaw? Ice Cream Truck?
Monday, Jul 21st at 4:12pm
Einstein Cycles
Tomorrow, some great people will take on a great ride at the Ride Around Torch in Elk Rapids. Also, some crazy people will take on the SUPER-RAT, a grueling 141 mile edition of the ride that might be the toughest ride around. Check out the numbers from JW's effort last year. Good luck to everyone riding in the morning!
Saturday, Jul 19th at 3:39pm
Einstein Cycles
The 2014 X100 Race is just over a month away, and we're getting physically and emotionally ready to do it all again. JW did the full 100 miler on a fat bike last year. How much work is that? Well, at 4,987 calories, he'd need 18.5 Tram Bars from Kate's Real Food to replace what he burned!
Friday, Jul 18th at 6:43pm
Einstein Cycles
If you have plans Friday night, cancel them. Join Bike-In TC at Bryant Park for a screening of the greatest film ever made, Top Gun! The movie starts at dusk, but the real show will be the beach volleyball showdown between Ec and Short's Brewing Company. Step right into the #dangerzone at 7pm for the most exciting volleyball match since Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise got oiled up back in 1986. See you there!
Wednesday, Jul 16th at 7:40pm
Einstein Cycles
Never raced. Runs like a champ. One owner. Less than 500 miles.Free o.b.o Deals like this just don't last long.
Sunday, Jul 13th at 5:57pm
Einstein Cycles
Saturday, Jul 12th at 7:20pm
Einstein Cycles
Tonight, it all begins! The 2014 Speed of Light Tour Competition gets underway with Stage One. Every jersey is open for the taking on the opening night of the biggest Grand Tour in the greater TC/Acme/Williamsburg area! See you at the shop at 6.30pm, or the Vasa 25km Lot at 6.45pm! Please submit your times by 9am tomorrow morning to be scored.
Thursday, Jul 10th at 6:37pm
Einstein Cycles
Single Speed USA is coming up quick! Our own Eric Pollard is putting on the race in Copper Harbor, Michigan, so sign up. Guess how many gears he'll be using on race day and WIN!
Wednesday, Jul 9th at 7:50pm
Einstein Cycles
It's rainy, it's chilly, it's Tuesday. Post as many puns as you can about this photo of a can of beans because that will help somehow. BONUS POINTS if you can tie it into a Motown song. "I Bean Loving' You (Too Long)"
Tuesday, Jul 8th at 7:47pm
Einstein Cycles
Another simply beautiful day in Traverse City, Michigan. Grab a fat bike, head to the beach. It's probably the easiest way to turn heads.
Monday, Jul 7th at 2:38pm
Einstein Cycles
Do you like bikes? Do you like pie? Do you like to do both in the same day? Then you're going to love the Cherry Pie Ride tomorrow at 9.30am at the Marina! Get your National Cherry Festival rolling with a jaunt on the TART.
Saturday, Jul 5th at 12:39pm
Einstein Cycles
The Fourth of July is a good time to appreciate the freedoms and privileges we enjoy as citizens of a great nation. The list of achievements, accomplishments and inspirations goes on and on, but since it's nice out we're going to ride bikes and go into that later. We're here until 4pm, stop by for face-painting and NASCAR's great hits. (Note: Not really)
Friday, Jul 4th at 3:08pm
Einstein Cycles
Our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, because they were busy celebrating his birthday July 3.He once had an awkward moment, just to make Lowetz feel more comfortable. He is the next big thing, just like last time.He has taught French poodles to speak Spanish.Today, we wish the happiest of birthdays to a great friend of the shop, and a great man, Tim Pease. He is, the most interesting Pease in the World.
Thursday, Jul 3rd at 1:31pm
Einstein Cycles
The Summer of Sack continues! Check out the #snacksack game on our specially-built Salsa Cycles Vaya. We've got big news coming up on a two-day, overnight camping ride that you're not going to want to miss, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy this bad dad. Racked out, ready to roll...and roll...and roll...
Wednesday, Jul 2nd at 9:03pm
Einstein Cycles
Please voice your thoughts on going for ice cream or coffee this evening, post ride. It's going to be a little chilly. But ice cream is nice, too.
Wednesday, Jul 2nd at 1:10pm
Mark Davis
Thanks to my freind Ross for the recommendation. These guys fixed my wheel and got me on the road same day.
Tuesday, Jul 1st at 1:26pm
Einstein Cycles
Make sure you spend some time in the next day or two massaging your quads and hamstrings in warm buttermilk before rubbing them down in careful blend of basil and BenGay. The 24th Annual Pancake Ride is this Friday at 7.30am at Cherry Bend Park. Multiple distances, very nice people, and pancakes, all in the same morning. See you there!
Monday, Jun 30th at 8:36pm
Einstein Cycles
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Johny con Leche John Leach will be joining us as instructor, host, and technician! It's gonna be a real party now!
Monday, Jun 30th at 4:27pm