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Enjoy The Ride. 

Autumn is the perfect time to get out and try something new. With most of the races behind us and snow ready to fall any time, it's an incredible time to explore that road or trail you've ridden past, too busy training to check it out. Ride with an old buddy or meet up for a whole new group ride, take a day trip to one of Northern Michigan's many places to ride, and make sure you stop and sample the local pastries wherever you end up. It's the season of thicker gloves and bright lights, glowing commutes and breathtaking sunsets. Don't let the dark slow your roll, and we'll see you out on the bike. 

The Squad

Einstein Racing-Short's Brewing is having a stellar season! Follow us on the team site!


It's Always 68 Degrees and Sunny with Zwift

It's Always 68 Degrees and Sunny with Zwift

ZwIft Island

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