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Einstein Cycles
Bringing back this landmark capture in the world of cycling photography to remind you all that the shop will be closing early today. We'll be open 10-2, and will be closed Monday to celebrate Labor Day. We will return to normal hours of operation Tuesday, 10-6.
Sunday, Aug 31st at 11:34am
Einstein Cycles
If you needed another reason to check out GiroSportDesign, here's two. Giro took two awards at Eurobike this week at two very opposite ends of the cycling shoe spectrum. It's top of the line road shoe Empire SLX is just 175 grams, but sacrifices nothing on support or stiffness. The Rumble is a touring shoe that turns heads and saves feet. One common between them...laces! The Revolution is here.
Saturday, Aug 30th at 4:49pm
Einstein Cycles
We've received a lot of great feedback on our Guru Cycling Fit System! Ec is excited to offer $75 off all fits booked in September. There's no better way to get geared up and ready to ride this fall than the perfect position on the bike with F.I.S.T. certified fitter Jason Whittaker. Call the shop or email us at to set up your appointment.
Thursday, Aug 28th at 3:06pm
Einstein Cycles
If you're looking for the new Borealis Fat Bikes Echo and Yampa, look no further. There's no better way to explore the trail less traveled, and Ec has all the offerings from Surly Bikes, Salsa Cycles, and more to choose from. See you in the woods...or on the beach...or on the gravel road...or anywhere.
Tuesday, Aug 26th at 5:39pm
Einstein Cycles
The season of gravel us upon us! Get your gravel grinder and join us for some great adventures to new places, old favorites, and the roads less traveled.
Monday, Aug 25th at 6:25pm
Lauri Forbes
Great job to Nathan. Nice video on your finish!
Monday, Aug 25th at 4:17pm
Einstein Cycles
Congratulations to everyone who took on the X100 Race yesterday! From the ten mile race to the full hundo, a lot of riders were out there to push the limits and see what they were capable of. You can check out the full results here:
Sunday, Aug 24th at 4:51pm
Einstein Cycles
Cross is coming! Please take a moment to 'Like' Crystal Cross presented by Einstein Cycles. We're excited to join Endoman Promotions, LLC.'s Peak2Peak to create a full weekend of racing at Crystal Mountain October 18 and 19. Can you match the style of Boss Man?
Thursday, Aug 21st at 8:36pm
Einstein Cycles
It's time to make some room. Last year's bikes are on sale from 10-30% off! Road, mountain, fat and cyclocross, there's something for everyone for less, but only while supplies last. We had to restrain Eric from taking them all home!
Wednesday, Aug 20th at 3:28pm
Eli Brown
Tuesday, Aug 19th at 10:13pm
Einstein Cycles
(Rock Music Playing) THIS Saturday, THIS awesome trophy is up for grabs! Who will etch their name in METAL forever? Don't miss the X100 Race, August 23 at Ranch Rudolf!
Tuesday, Aug 19th at 2:51pm
Einstein Cycles
Like father, like son. New rigs just in time for the X100 Race this Saturday! Can you spot the difference between the Coffey's new BMC TE02s?
Monday, Aug 18th at 2:48pm
Einstein Cycles
Lots of action out on Old Mission Peninsula this morning! Best of luck to everyone taking on the TC Tri. Grey skies but a lot of smiles, and a very positive and encouraging atmosphere. Here's Einstein Racing's Russ Ryba warming up.
Sunday, Aug 17th at 1:32pm
Einstein Cycles
Our Salsa Cycles Demo Day Numero Duh starts at 10am Sunday at the barns behind the Old State Hospital! We had a blast checking out the 2015 line-up, but the all-star has to be the full-suspension fat bike, the Bucksaw. Just say it out loud and you'll smile, ride it and you'll have your mind blown! 10am-1pm, first come, first serve.
Sunday, Aug 17th at 12:06am
Einstein Cycles
It was Eric Pollard Memorial Night as Speed of Light this past Thursday. What do you think of JW's look? Casual, stylish, but still ready for anything....Note: Eric is not dead, but he did wear spandex, just to surprise us all.
Friday, Aug 15th at 5:34pm
Einstein Cycles
Our Salsa Demo Day is this weekend! Stop by the shop Saturday from 10-4 to see the best on offer from Salsa Cycles, as well as a group ride from 2-4 led by Captain Fantabulous himself, Jason Lowetz. Bucksaws, Spearfishes, Beargreases...the names are worth checking out alone! Second Chance Sunday from 10-1 at the Old State Hospital, too.
Tuesday, Aug 12th at 2:20pm
Einstein Cycles
The X100 Race is less than two weeks away! We're getting ready to send three guys from the shop up to Ranch Rudolf for the full 100 miler, and they're living their lives based on the post we've slapped together. Here's the top five bits of advice. Basic, but important.
Monday, Aug 11th at 3:32pm