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Einstein Cycles
Check out this 'Cuda! Nate, Dan and Eric all put some of their best work into building up this classic Barracuda frame with XX1, Manitou fork and some sweet Schwalbe tires. Why? 'Cause it's awesome. That's why. If you liked the 90's, you'll remember this gem.
Friday, Oct 17th at 5:16pm
Einstein Cycles
We are preparing for Sunday's Crystal Cross presented by Einstein Cycles! Encouraging signs, overly enthusiastic cheering, and some delicious hand-ups make cyclocross the best spectator (and rider) sport for social interaction. You can still register at USA Cycling!
Thursday, Oct 16th at 3:00pm
Grand Traverse Resort & Spa
What goes together better than Beer, Bikes and Music? Blogger Eric DeBoer gives you an inside peek into the recent Bell's Brewery, Inc. (Official) Beer Weekend. Get the scoop on the Iceman Cometh Challenge practice ride, led by Einstein Cycles and our Bell's Beer Dinner at Aerie Restaurant and Lounge.
Thursday, Oct 16th at 12:40pm
Jason Lowetz
Wednesday, Oct 15th at 12:45am
Einstein Cycles
Our 45NRTH tires are here! We're weighing every single tire to see which is the lightest. Jake has been employed as a human scale for the past six hours. Note: The Dillinger 5 is a game changer. It has changed the game.
Tuesday, Oct 14th at 2:42pm
Einstein Cycles
It's a beautiful day for a trip up to Bellaire! Join your pals the Short's Brewing Company Grooming fundraiser for an afternoon of bikes, beer and fun times. The ride starts at the pub at 2.30pm for some loops at Glacial Hills Natural Area and Pathway before a party back at the pub at 5 and live music at 7.30. 100% of proceeds (that's all of them) will go to Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association for fat bike trail grooming. See you there!
Sunday, Oct 12th at 2:58pm
Virginia Ann Duisterhof
I rode the Pre Race Ice Man Course with the Einstein Cycle guys on Saturday Oct. 11.The Ec crew were top notch! I am so thankful that you volunteered your Saturday to guide a pack of bikers through the course. You were patient and professional- Cheerful and helpful-You are the BEST!!!
Sunday, Oct 12th at 1:14pm
Einstein Cycles
A beautiful morning for the 2014 edition of Gears and Beers! The fun rolls right on this afternoon with the Bell's Brewery, Inc. (Official) post-party at the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa from 4-8pm! Live music, arm wrestling and a simply great time. See you up there and say hello to Lowetz and Cody!
Saturday, Oct 11th at 6:11pm
Einstein Cycles
It's almost here! Crystal Cross presented by Einstein Cycles is Sunday, October 19. Make it a full weekend of racing with Peak2Peak Saturday, too. Who will get the honor of wearing the number one plate? We'll decide next week! Get over to USA Cycling and sign up.
Wednesday, Oct 8th at 6:45pm
Einstein Cycles
Don't forget about this weekend's Gears and Beers Practice Ride and Dinner this Saturday! We'll be leading an Out and Back from Timber Ridge RV & Recreation Resort at 9am, or meet us at the Kalkaska Trailhead at 9.45! Don't forget to grab tickets to the Bell's Brewery, Inc. (Official) dinner. We'll be there doing karaoke and playing rock, paper, scissors from 4-8pm.
Monday, Oct 6th at 3:20pm
Einstein Cycles
Tim P.'s Guru Bike Fit was over three hours ago. His new position on the bike is so good he won't leave. He just keeps listening to 80's metal and yelling, "Heck yeah!" to everyone who walks past. That must be a pretty good fit! #guruoptimized
Friday, Oct 3rd at 6:25pm
Grand Traverse Resort & Spa
As we get ready for next weekend's Iceman Cometh Challenge Practice Ride and Bell's Brewery, Inc. (Official) Weekend with Einstein Cycles, we revisit a post by #GTResort blogger Eric DeBoer as he takes a look back at the history of the race and interviews veteran Iceman rider Bruce DeBoer.
Friday, Oct 3rd at 1:58pm
Einstein Cycles
We have ONE free entry to give away for Endoman Promotions, LLC.'s Peak2Peak Mountain Bike Classic! Circle October 18 on your calendar and guess how many toys are in Z-Man's play pen! The computer DOES count, and so does the pillow. Leave your guess as a comment and we'll pick a winner Friday at 5.55pm EST.
Thursday, Oct 2nd at 7:32pm
Einstein Cycles
New arrivals in very good hands. Our first shipment of Salsa Cycles are IN, with more than a few already spoken for. Natron and Dan have the 2015 bikes in the stands and almost ready to roll. Check out the new Mukluks, Vayas, Spearfish and plenty more!
Tuesday, Sep 30th at 7:34pm
Einstein Cycles
Everyone is happier on a fat bike. Doesn't matter how old, how young, how fast or slow, everyone smiles on fat tires.
Monday, Sep 29th at 5:23pm
Jeff Socia
Thanks for the Nice and Ec Iceman. We had a blast.
Saturday, Sep 27th at 6:55pm
Einstein Cycles
Let the Out and Backs begin! Boss Man's weekly rides of the course start today. Fast, slow, there's always someone rolling your pace as you get ready for the Iceman Cometh Challenge. Stop by after and give us the course report. Get out and ride!
Saturday, Sep 27th at 1:25pm
Einstein Cycles
A great rider is hanging up the wheels. Cadel Evans, 2011 Tour de France winner and all-around hip guy, announced he will be retiring in February. BMC Racing Team will be down a great rider, but will still have a great ambassador representing BMC. Check out more of his plans here!
Friday, Sep 26th at 8:51pm
Einstein Cycles
It's new bike day! A big thanks to Bill and Sue for stopping by, and if you see them rolling through town, congratulate them on their new Shinolas. Beautiful bikes for some truly wonderful people. That's what we get excited about around here.
Thursday, Sep 25th at 3:45pm