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Salsa electric bikes are all about more per hour: more miles, more experiences, more fun. Leave no free afternoon, no second trail lap, no scenic gravel road unridden. With e-specific design and our proven adventure-ready features, you’ll do more by bike than you ever thought possible. That’s the power of Adventure by Bike.

Class 1 20mph Pedal Assist
250 watt hour
45 mile range
Mahle X35+ system
4 models


Confluence is Salsa’s light electric gravel bike. It’s made for the people who want to squeeze more adventure into each day. Chase gravel with 40 Nm assist, on-bike cargo features for any mission, and geometry designed for comfort and stability — all in a bike that looks like, well, a bike. Confluence is where capability meets convenience.

Class 3 28mph Pedal Assist
625 watt hour
72 mile range
Bosch performance
2 models


Tributary is Salsa’s electric rugged-road adventure bike. We designed it to devour big, burly dirt routes with speed and stability. Tributary’s comfortable, balanced geometry and massive tire clearance roll smoothly at higher e-bike speeds. Intuitive assist and on-bike cargo let you tackle demanding bikepacking routes, explore vast networks of forest roads, or add miles to any adventure. Tributary will take you from front door to far-out.

Class 1 20mph Pedal Assist
430 watt hour
40 mile range
Fazua Ride 60
2 models


Moraine is Salsa's light electric trail bike. It's designed to add range and route options to every trail ride. Poppy, playful geometry, 60Nm of torque, versatile Split Pivot suspension, and on-bike storage make for a well-rounded platform that feels justright on many trails, from backcountry to black-diamond. Moraine makes riding to the trailhead, sessioning lines, and taking second laps feel like second nature.

Class 1 20mph Pedal Assist
625 watt hour
60 mile range
Bosch performance
2 models


Notch is Salsa’s electric enduro bike. It’s a balanced platform that’s inspired by big backcountry miles and the thrill of exploring new trail systems. With geometry poised for stability at speed, an 85Nm motor, efficient Split Pivot suspension, and onbike storage, it’s versatile enough to roam far on rowdy terrain or battle between the tape in an eMTB enduro event. Take on vast singletrack adventures with Notch.

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