Traverse City is a world-class cycling destination, and we have some great routes that you just can't miss while you're here. Whether you're heading out for a leisurely spin, a tough training ride, or trying to see something new, we suggest the following routes to just about anyone. 


There Will Be Blood

Route: Gravel/Pavement Mix

Distance: 34 Miles

Elevation: 1,900 feet

There Will Be Blood is a favorite shop ride and a great route. Get off the busy roads and hit some pristine gravel roads to the south and east of the shop, with a few rolling hills tossed into an otherwise flat route. The gravel roads are in their best shape in spring and fall, although this is a great 2-2.5 hour loop any time of the year. Doable on a road bike, but a bit more fun on a cyclocross bike, gravel bike or a mountain bike. 

GPX File Link. 


Old Mission Peninsula Loop (Tuesday Night Ride)

Route: Gravel

Distance: 45 Miles from the shop to the shop

Elevation: 900 feet

A classic route that typifies the beauty, serenity and natural resources of Northern Michigan. Even leaving from Ec, you're never more than a few hundred yards, and often almost within arm's reach, of East or West Bay. The roads are mostly flat, with the exceptions of Smokey Hollow on the way north and the climb to Eimen Road on the way back south. You'll also take in views of the vineyards, farmyards and beaches. Join the Tuesday Night Ride at Traverse City Central High School at 6pm for a very fast, very tough and very rewarding group ride. 

GPX Link Here. 

EcPz Ride To Elk Rapids

Route: Pavement

Distance: 34 mile

Elevation: 1300 feet

GPX Link here. 

A slow jaunt north to Elk Rapids is always a fun time. The favorite direction for easy recovery rides, the rolling hills, vineyards and glimpses of both East Bay and Elk Lake this a great sight-seeing route and a safe way to head north. With little traffic even in the summer, the shoulder is safe, the sun always overhead, and the destination not too far away. Check out Siren Hall, Java Jones or Pearl's as great ways to punctuate your trip up and back.

Maple City Loop

Route: Pavement

Distance: 44 miles

Elevation: 2,200 feet

GPX Link here. 

Cody's favorite road loop. Four sustained climbs, a few rollers and a spilling descent back into Traverse City make it a great route to spin up the hills and enjoy some 'down time' and the backsides. You'll take in some beautiful farm fields, a few vineyards, and a chance to stop in either Maple City or Cedar. Cedar boasts an ice cream shop, a tavern and a mini-market with its own baked goods, pizza and smoked meats. An unmissable route, and one that's easy to tack on a few extra miles by venturing further north to the old Sugar Loaf Resort for more elevation.