Welcome to Einstein Cycles. We’re really glad you’ve come. Einstein Cycles is the premier bike shop of Northern Michigan. Located in Traverse City, the shop caters to cyclists of all ages and abilities. We’re proud to have a state champion’s bike on the same rack as a new beginner on their first mountain bike.

We offer full, professional service and repairs, rentals, and the best brands from around the world including Focus, BMC, Cervelo, Salsa, Surly, Marin, Kona, Niner Bikes, Stroemer electric bikes and KHS. We have a wide selection of bikes for any rider and knowledgeable, fun-loving staff that live the cycling lifestyle.

Road bikes. Mountain bikes. Townies. Fatties. Commuters. We’re down with the whole scene.

We're proud to be involved in our community and take great efforts to lead and support group rides. From our Speed of Light mountain bike ride all summer, our chilly and very cool Friday Night Lights all winter, and much feared and much revered There Will Be Blood, you can always join a great ride at Ec. Check out our Calendar for more details.

Stop by the shop, join us for a ride, check us out on the Facebook. It's a real fun time.



bike shop hours.

Tuesday - Friday 10-6

Saturday 10 -4



See Breakaway Cafe and Coffee Bar for their hours!




1990 N US Highway 31 N, Traverse City, MI 49686