Speed of Light WorldTour: Team Time Trial

On July 20, 1975, former teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa went missing. His remains have never been found, despite countless leads, searches and myths surrounding his disappearance.

Team Time Trial Night has nothing to do with any of that. TTT Night is simple. Each team will have a shot at double points based on groups of three. Every third Einstein racer will give a team time for the two riders ahead of them. It's Hagerty vs. Einstein vs. City Bike vs. McLain vs. M-22.

For example:

1. Alex Vanias
2. Craig Webb
3. Ryan Kennedy
4. Sean Kickbush
5. Cody Sovis
6. Keegan Myers
7. Jason Lowetz
9. Steve Andriese
10. Susan Vigland
11. Chad Jordan

Kennedy, Sovis and Lowetz would be a team. Webb, Andriese and Vigland would be Hagerty's team. Kickbush,  Myers and Jordan would be M-22's team. The times of each team of three would be added up for a winner.

Everyone still starts together, and the 3 riders taken by the order of results. You don't need to pick 3 riders ahead of time. Each team can field as many groups of three as appear in the results.

Team pride is on the line!