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Friday Night Lights: Friday The 13th Edition


Join us for the second FNL of 2017, on the ominous Friday the 13th date we've long kept careful on eye. 

We'll have two groups, with both looking to be back to the lodge after 60-90 minutes of riding. The longer route will incorporate parts of the Vasa Fat Bike Race course, as well as sections of the WST and 25km. The shorter route will use sections of the Short's race course, as well as the WST. 

Much of the superstition around Friday the 13th comes from the Templar Knights, a religious order who got a bit too much ca$$h and, the French king wanting a slice, taking it. A lot of historians have argued that the concept of Friday the 13th being unlucky is more recent than that, as this article points out. 13 has, since the days of numerology, been considered unlucky, and it is, but that's coming from a grown man with lucky number 7 tattooed on his arm. 

For the potluck, we're going with a Templar Knights diet, which included vegetables, beans, rice, bread, and fruit. That's right, for just one week, we're going the Morrissey route and challenging YOU to create a meat-free environment.