What We're Riding: JW's BMC TeamMachine 01

SLR01 No one is a bigger fan of the Focus Izalco Pro as Jason Whittaker. He's ridden his stealthed-out beauty for two seasons, put in thousands of miles on it, and has certainly been known to spout the virtues of the bike to the dozen or so other riders who've chosen the bike as well.

So it's certainly a rather big testament to what BMC has gotten right with their TeamMachine SLR01 for this year. JW is picking up the all-new bike this year as he prepares for three weeks in Tuscon, taking on the Saturday Shootout, Fast Tuesday morning ride, and the famous Mt. Lemmon. The climb is over 20 miles long at an average gradient of over 6%. Back in TC, JW is a great crit rider, and he's got a few events circled on his calendar to test his legs. His bikes have to be light, snappy and have superb ride quality. For a long time, the Izalco Pro was the only bike up to snuff, until the Team Machine crossed his path.

It's one of the lightest frames out there, and built weighs in at 12.5 pounds. The biggest change for JW is the move to DuraAce Di-2 electric set-up. JW is a die-hard SRAM guy, but after seeing Boss Man's Ultegra Di-2-equipped Raleigh, he was sold on the idea.

Why It Works: It's the most responsive frame out there. BMC only changes things up when they know it's perfect, and the a-symmetric build in the chainstays and bottom bracket make the bike stiff in all the right places, while still delivering a ride that won't beat the bacon out of you.

Where It Will Come In Handy: Mt. Lemmon is one of the toughest climbs in North America. Period. The climb is over 5,000 feet of elevation... you're going to want every ounce of energy going into the pedals and into the road, not into your frame.

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