What We're On: Mud, Sweat and Beers

Natron We get a lot of questions about our bikes for races. From 'cross to mountain biking to road events, Ec gents are never afraid to try something new, innovate and see if there's something out there a little faster, a little smoother, or maybe just a little bit more fun.

For Mud, Sweat and Beers, the shop boys are on a wide range of machines for the local showdown at Mt. Holiday. We checked through the roster to see who is on what for Saturday's big dance.

Jason Whittaker The Bike: 2014 Salsa El Mariachi SS Gear Ratio: Weight: 24.2 pounds Tires: Schwalbe Nobby Nics

JW is back in the singlespeed game for 2014, and he's got a great rig to make his debut for the season. It's about as fresh as they come, arriving at the shop just two days before the race. He won't make a lot of adjustments in that amount of time, but he's pretty confident he'll go to the same gear ratio he's used before for Iceman.

Nate St. Onge

The Bike: 2014 BMC TE01 Gear Ratio: 1x10, 38 with a 12-36 Weight: 19 pounds Tires: CLASSIFIED

The bike handling master is on the start line for the first time since Fat Camp! on March 8. He'll make the quick transition to dirt with big ambitions in the Pro class Saturday aboard one of the lightest mountain bikes we've rolled out of the store. Using his top secret blend of parts, Natron trimmed his bike down to a svelte 18.5 pounds. The weight has crept up with some comforts tossed on, but it's still about as light a bike as you'll see on the start line.

Cody Sovis

The Bike: 2011 FOCUS Mares 3.0 Gear Ratio: 1x10, 40t with 11-28 cassette Weight: 22.8 pounds Tires: 41mm Surly Knards

It's back to the 'cross bike for MSB. Though there's still time to check out the singletrack sections, much of the course is 'cross friendly, and the Mares was the choice last year as well. It will be a big test for the 1x10 setup, though it's performed perfectly over the past six months at Speed of Lights and training. The 41mm Knard tires give a nice wide footprint in the sand, on the climbs and over the rough portions of the course. If reports dictate a chance, it'll be a Surly Krampus as Plan B.

Jason Lowetz

The Bike: Some Tandem Gear Ratio: No idea The Weight: We Don't Want To Know Tires: Rubbery Ones

Captain Fantabulous enters another tandem in Einstein Racing's Tandemonium Armada. He'll be astride a borrowed 26" incher backed by backwoods ruffian and misunderstood song-writer John Ammond. The pair had worked together in the past before, once time riding a mis-timed tandem to near disaster and also to design costumes for Michigan's Civil War reenactment society. Expect very big things from this duo on Saturday.