What We Like Wednesdays: JW's Base Layer

BL1871 Most of the time, you won't ever see it. But those goofy looking mesh numbers and comfortable long sleeve wool pieces can make any rider a little happy in any weather.

JW likes wearing things under things, all the time. From mid-winter to the high temperatures in July, a base layer is a great way to stay warm, stay cool and not only stay comfortable, but actually increase your performance when the weather tests you as much as the road or trail. JW has some favorites, and he gave a rare interview to spread the gospel on base layers.

Einstein Cycles: What makes this product special?

JW: You're warmer when it is cold, and cooler when it is hot. With that in mind, it's really amazing what body temperature does to performance, so anything that makes it a bit more stable and easier on your body, it's obviously better.

Ec: What makes it most handy?

JW: Aside from the obvious moisture wicking, it really lets me get away with overdressing or under-dressing. So many of the morning or evenings rides, the temperatures can change by ten or fifteen degrees. With a base layer, you really even out the temperature, and you're more comfortable the whole time.

Ec: When did base layers become a big deal for you?

JW: It's a thing I've been a believer in for a while now. It's really about being comfortable. If you are comfortable, you're going to ride more and enjoy your time out there more.

Ec: Does is come in hi-vis?

JW: I only understand the color black.