What We Like Wednesdays: Garmin Edge 1000

1000 With Tech Night just a week off, we're pretty jazzed to have a shiny new Garmin Edge 1000 in the shop. Not a moment too soon, either....

Garmin has upped the game yet again, this time integrated everything that worked with its 810, but adding features that make long, tough days in the saddle a little bit easier and more fun. Some of the sweet changes include new WiFi access for uploads, the all-new Segments feature, which allows you to target specific parts of the road or trail, provided they're uploaded to Garmin Connect.

One of the very cool features takes advantage of the Bluetooth connection to your phone. Now, you can see incoming phone calls and even read incoming text messages on your Garmin, without taking out your phone. Obviously, if you just want to get away, you can just not use that feature as well.

A touch more on the Segments. Frankly, this changes everything. It's not perfect yet, but it's bringing us closer to the dream of hitting and racing Strava segments in real time. It's not, however, a done deal. The segments have to be from Garmin Connect, not Strava, which means you'll like have to go through and make many of the segments you know from Strava. However, that really isn't too big of a deal. You also have to have those segments selected, likely before you go for a ride. On local loops, that's easy to do, but out of time, it'll take some searching to find them all.

For a full review, check out the master, DC Rainmaker.

We chatted with the official product tester, Jason Lowetz, as he eases into using the 1000.

Einstein Cycles: What makes this product special?

Jason Lowetz: It's pretty sweet to use the Virtual Partner. On long TT rides, I like to chase my earlier efforts, so having that going is nice. The new color displays makes that a lot cooler to stare out for five, six hours.

Ec: What is the most attractive feature of the 1000?

JL: For me, there's two big ones that made me want the new one. First, the Segment deal is going to change things. Now, I can hit certain segments, test myself and have fun doing it. The other is the WiFi upload. Way easier.

Ec: What info do you like while you're riding?

JL: I go by power and heart rate, so those are always on the screen, no matter what. I like seeing my vertical speed as well, just to help measure my effort on the climbs along with power.

Ec: Does is come in hi-vis?

JL: That would make it easier to find in my backpack at least.