What We Like Wednesdays: Cody's SRAM QuickView Garmin Mount

CY4520 Up next is, perhaps, the handiest little Garmin mount you're going to run into. You've been there; you're at max effort, out of the saddle and pushing the pace into the Danger Zone over a climb. You look down to see your speed, your heart rate, your power; your Gamin is too far back. Who knows what boundaries you have breached? What soaring heights you've mastered?

Now you will. The QuickView from SRAM moves your Garmin to where you can actually see it at all times. Simple. And simple is beautiful.

Einstein Cycles: What makes this product special?

Cody Sovis: So many people are riding with a Garmin, and a good number of those are really using that information to train. Whether it's power or heart rate or just timing out intervals, you want to be able to see that without breaking your neck.

Ec: What makes it most handy?

CS: For me, it's on the climbs. I like to stand out of the saddle for long periods, and with a normal mount, you can't see the screen. With the QuickView, you can always keep an eye on it.

Ec: When did the Relevate Tangle Frame Bag prove itself to you?

CS: On a few Tuesday Night Worlds last summer, I was really under pressure, just trying to hold on. I was going all out, chewing the stem, and I was able to keep an eye on my heart rate, measure my effort and make to the lighthouse with enough in the tank to do a nice leadout. It's a mental thing for some people; they want to know what they are doing, and be confident that they are capable of that effort.

Ec: Does is come in hi-vis?

CS: No, but I have a can of spray paint that says dreams come true.