What We Like Wednesday: Lezyne Drive Series Pumps

unnamed Flats happen. It's terrible, it's heart-breaking, but it's a reality of cycling. It's not how many times you get a flat, but how many pumps it takes to get back on the road. 

And for that, there's the Lezyne Drive series. The pump actually holds a short hose that has a presta end and a schraeder end to fit any bike. The short hose gives you a lot more room to pump, rather than one-piece units that slam onto the valve and leave you hitting your knuckles on every spoke. And while CO2 cartridges are a great idea, once you're out, you're out. Pumps are always there, ready to roll.

We've had our hands on two of the Drive series pumps for a while now. They come in a 90psi max and a 120psi max, with the 120 geared more toward racers on 23 or even 25mm tires. The 90 will work best on mountain bikes and road set-ups using a wider tire at lower pressure, like a touring bike or cyclocross rig.

Eric Pollard is the authority on all things shiny and Lezyne, and he gives us the low down on the Drive pumps.

Einstein Cycles: What makes this product special?

Eric Pollard: Most pumps work, but this pump makes a stressful, frustrating experience 50% less stressful and frustrating. There's no 'good' flat tire. There's no 'fun' flat tire fix. It's a pain. So making that process a little easier is nice.

Ec: When have you used it?

EP: Luckily, not often. Frame and mini pumps are like atomic bombs; you want to have the best and the nicest, but you still never want to use it. Ever. But I had a flat on my cross bike, and I'm not big on CO2s. A tube change and maybe a minute or two pumping and I was back on the roll. You get a lot of pressure with each stroke, and it went up quick enough to know the tire seated really well.

Ec: Any flat tire tips?

EP: Just the basic stuff. Get to a safe spot to make the change, off the road or trail and in a spot where any on-coming traffic can see you. Take your time. Stay calm. Watch that tube all the way around and don't pinch it. If you're in a group, it's proper etiquette to wait. Never leave a pal behind.

Ec: Does is come in hi-vis?

EP: It's shiny and silver...that's visible enough.