What We Like Wednesday: Lazer Z1

tumblr_n7ujmkXZI11qi7lhio1_500 Nate St. Onge doesn't let just anything sit on his head whilst cycling. The new Lazer Z1, however, is more than welcome to hold on for the ride. 

Lazer has been one of the preferred helmets at Ec since Day 1, and for good reason. They make a great selection of styles at a lot of different price points, which makes it rather easy to find a trusty, protective brain bucket. But their top of the line offerings have consistently hit the mark for our riders, and having great performance helmets on hand is vital to a team and community that rides hard year-round.

The Z1 takes over as the nicest helmet from the Belgian company. It has some new features, including a roll-cage skeleton that offers more protection without adding more foam. The fanciest is the new Mag-Lock eyewear system. Paired with Lazer's new sunglasses, the helmet uses magnets to retain the lens, and even store them on the back of the lid, without any arms on the frames that could brake.

Nate has been riding the Z1 for over a month, and he's ready to share his impressions.

Einstein Cycles: What makes this product special?

Nate St. Onge: It fits. It fits better than any helmet I've ever had. Once you're riding, you forget it's on.

Ec: When did you start using this?

NSO: It's been a little over a month now. I went for the magnet sunglasses and I've been pretty impressed. I was almost sure they'd come off over the roots and rocks on the Vasa Singletrack, but they stay on great.

Ec: Anything else you like about it?

NSO: Like the Helium and Genesis, it will have a plastic shell that snaps on. It's a bit more aero, but maybe more importantly, it's great for the rain or cold. It'll be a bomb-proof fat bike helmet, too.

Ec: Does is come in hi-vis?

NSO: I think hi-vis orange. Is that good enough?