What We Like Wednesday: Giro Republics

afterlight I am not the type of person to sit here and tell you, "Hey, you need to buy these shoes." So when I tell you that I think you need to buy these shoes, understand that this is coming from a place foreign, strange and deep. 

I normally would tell you to get some shoes, any shoes, and go ride. Don't over think it. But after grabbing a pair of Giro Republics, I can tell you that these shoes look cool, feel great, and will change your outlook on footwear closure in the cycling world. Because I am sure you are losing sleep over laces, buckles and straps, let me bring some peacefulness to your nights: laces are the way to go.

The Giro Republic appears on the heels of the Giro Empire, the super-stiff, super-stylish road shoe first made hip by BMC's Taylor Phinney. Yes, they have laces. The overall look harkens back to the original leather kicks with laces that you saw way back in the day. Those Empires are spreading like wildfire, even gracing the ultra-hip, ultra-bony peds of Bradley Wiggins, who doesn't even get paid by Giro to wear them.

With just over 150 miles in them, including a Speed of Light hammer-fest and a 3 hour gravel road grind, I can confirm these Republics are just as stiff as any shoe I've used, and they should be. It's the same EVA sole you'll find in any Giro shoe that isn't carbon, and the same as that found in my Giro Apeckx road shoe. Nonslip laces and a smart elastic loop keep your ties from wrapping up on your pedal or crank, and help to keep the shoes looking clean.

They also have nonslip rubber soles that are great for running up hills (not that you'll ever need it, but you have it) and for not slipping on tile floors. Plus, if they ever wear out, you can replace the pads with brand new ones from Giro.

It's the shoe you can wear to Brew and order a latte without looking like  a GEEK, or hop aboard a podium straight from racing without slipping and breaking your neck. How versatile is that?

If you're looking for a commuter shoe, you're in luck. If you're looking for a mountain bike or touring shoe, you're still in luck. The Republic is the best all around shoe out there. You need it.