What We Like Wednesday: Giro Empire

giro_empire2_s_whiteblack_lateral_1 Laces are back, people. Laces are back. 

Giro brings back the style and function of old-school road bike shoes with the stiffness of modern materials like carbon fiber. There's something rather elegant in the simplicity, and a lot of performance in there as well. Check out our take on the Empire.

Einstein Cycles: What makes this product special?

Cody Sovis: Fast shoes are nice. Laces are comfortable, simple, and easy to replace if necessary. Plus, the Empire used the same materials and soles of Giro's other high-end shoes, so it's a very cool mix of old style and new technology.

Ec: Why did you get them?

CS: The big testament to me was seeing Grand Tour riders that can ride anything they want with these shoes on, and in a lot of different races. From time trials to Classics races to Grand Tours, more and more riders are slipping into these. I was really impressed with the design, the overall look, and knowing that Giro just makes some great stuff. 

Ec: Any tips on color coordination.

CS: Get the base black or white, then use the laces to get fancy. 

Ec: Does is come in hi-vis?

CS: It sure does!