What We Like Wednesday: Eric's Snack Sack

BG2650-02 The first of our WWLW series unveils Eric's favorite thing for right now, and it's none other than a Revelate Tangle Frame Bag.

Snack sacks are all the rage, being spotted on bikes belonging to shop employees Eric, Lowetz, even myself. Admittedly, I nearly lost it when I first relented and put on a saddle bag to carry my flat kit, eschewing my trademark bidon-with-the-top-cut-off set-up that lasted so long. Even I'm using a snack sack, and the Revelate is the choice for the most discerning of Sackologists, Eric.

We asked Eric what makes the frame bag, and particularly the Revelate, so awesome.

Einstein Cycles: What makes this product special?

Eric Pollard: The ability to have extra food and clothing at the easiest place to get it. No more food in the jersey pocket, no more having to leave that extra jacket or gloves at home.

Ec: What makes it most handy?

EP: It allows me to be prepared for all types of weather which, for gravel season, changes frequently.

Ec: When did the Relevate Tangle Frame Bag prove itself to you?

EP: I went for a longer gravel ride the other day. It was under 40 degrees when I started, really pretty cold, so I had this big jacket and arm warmers and the whole deal. By the half way point, it was well over 50 degrees, so I could cram that stuff into the bag, still could grab a snack, and never even had to stop pedaling.

Ec: Does is come in hi-vis?

EP: No, thank Christmas.