What We Like Wednesday: Elite Ciussi Alloy Bottle Cage

ciussi Having your top secret drink mix is a bit pointless if your bottle is laying on the ground. That's why the Elite Ciussi is my go-to bottle cage for your mountain bike/cyclocross bike/gravel/do-it all bike.

It's rough out there for a bottle cage. There's carbon cages, heavy aluminum cages, plastic attempts at bottle cages, and everyone seems to have their choice. The one I'm always encouraging people to try is the Elite Ciussi. It's not the lightest out there, but the design is geared to do exactly what your cage is supposed to do: hold onto your water bottle, no matter what.

Einstein Cycles: What makes this product special?

Cody Sovis: It actually works. That's what is cool about it. I've lost way too many bottles, and have tried way too many cages. These work.

Ec: When did the Ciussi prove itself?

CS: There's a very rough and technical section at Cannonsburg Ski Area that, invariably, hosts a pile of water bottles tossed from bikes on one particular turn. It's so bad that the dozen bottles are actually almost dangerous in the apex of the corner. I used the Ciussi on my cyclocross bike last year and didn't lose a bottle. That was a pretty good testament to its strength.

Ec: Does it matter?

CS: Absolutely. Racing or riding, you need to drink a lot. Even losing a bottle for 30 minutes puts you in a deficit, and especially when you're racing, there's no way to make that up. Over a two or three hour ride, being behind on hydration can add up to minutes by the end. Plus, drinking is a nice way to stay focused. I do it all the time.

Ec: Does is come in hi-vis?

CS: I wish it did.