What We Like Wednesday: Ec Buff

2rIKTl2tHq0Eju8CaDNJfUmZ63ji-fgcIN3Q8rOikJlt=s493-no Don't look now, but it's nearly mid-September and below 50 degrees. It's time to dig out your cold weather gear, and add one more piece. 

The highlight of the Iceman Cometh for the past three years, for me, has been finding my friend Lauren and loading up on Buffs. The company claims to have 17 uses for the garment, of which I have made use of two. Lauren would also be quick to let me grab a few, and their usefulness led to a Ec version last winter.

The primary use is as a neck gaiter. Pull it up, and it helps to keep your neck and chest warm, and look really cool. You can also fold it over and wear it under your helmet for days when you want to keep your ears warm, but don't need an all-out cap. But the real kicker is that we have Ec Buffs, which look really, really cool. And that's half the battle.

If you're interested in all the ways you can use your Ec Buff, check it out here.  There will be a pop quiz when you stop by!