What We Like Wednesday: Dumonde Tech Chain Lube

Dumonde After a rainy Tuesday Night Ride, it's a good time to remind everyone about basic chain maintenance. Simple cleaning and lubing can extend the life of your chain, improve shifting, and keep you a lot happier. Everyone's got their thing, but Dumonde Tech is the choice of our mechanics Nate and Dan. We asked the guys why Dumonde goes on most bikes we service-and our own.

Einstein Cycles: What makes this product special?

Natron: There are few things that make as much as a difference and take as little time as lubing your chain. Dumonde makes it even easier. It collects less sand and gunk, comes off easy but actually accumulates on the chain to always keep it working clean.

Ec: When did you start using this?

NS: It's something I've used and recommended for a long time, especially for people who are hard on their drivetrains. We've found that this stuff, used right, can add a lot more miles onto your chain and improve the life of your whole drivetrain. If you're starting with a clean chain, it's easy to keep it clean, add lube only when you need it, and just enjoy the ride. 

Ec: How often do I use it?

NS:  If you hear a bit of a squeak or feel that little bit of stiffness, that's it. Add just a little, a few drops, and wipe off any excess. 

Ec: Does is come in hi-vis?

NS: It is pretty yellow.