What We Like Wednesday: Banjo Brothers Ec Backpack

BACKSACK I've got a thing for bags. I don't care too much about clothes, own 1 and a half pairs of pants, and haven't bought a pair of shoes that didn't have holes for cleats in about six years.

But I like bags.

When we first started to put together an order of custom Ec logo gear from Banjo Brothers, I campaigned pretty hard to make sure a few of their backpacks made the cut. It took a while, but after getting them in and checking them out, it's the sort of call that will likely make me CEO or something around here in the next 25 to 30 years.

I give the bag the WWLW treatment after some solid use.

Einstein Cycles: What makes this product special?

Cody Sovis: It's a backpack with cyclists in mind. It's tough. It's waterproof. It has pockets that are obviously for cycling-related things. And best of all, it's a gaping 2000 cubic inches on the inside. More than enough room.

Ec: What makes it most handy?

CS: On days that we have group rides after work, it's no stretch to be away from home for eleven, maybe twelve hours. Aside from bike gear, shoes, clothes, lunch and all of my gadgets, I also need something that can carry these things in terrible weather. This thing is waterproof, with a plastic bladder that comes out if you need to put wet stuff, or just clean it out.

Ec: How many bags have you had?

CS: I've gone through a lot of bags, from Timbuk2 to Rickshaw to Betabrand. They all make very nice stuff, but they all seemed to lack one important thing. I hate putting liquid in my bag, so the Ec bag having two bottle slots is awesome. I hate putting my helmet in my bag because it takes up too much room. This bag can fit a helmet easy, or you can use one of the hooks to put it on the outside. I don't want to have to go into the main compartment to get my multi-tool. This bag has a whole slew of pockets under the top flap. There are just so many little things that they've thought of that make this perfect for cyclists, on or off the bike.

Ec: Does is come in hi-vis?

CS: It's so black. The reflective strips are pretty visible, though.