Top Three Salsa Bikes We Can't Wait To Ride

You can check out the new 2017 line-up from Salsa Cycles right here in TC! Join us a the Bunker Hill Parking Lot for a first hand look at the new Woodsmoke, Timberjack, the re-worked Mukluk, and plenty more at our Salsa Demo Day.

Salsa has been doing this for a long, long time. They've consistently been ahead of the bigger bike brands on new designs, new genres of bikes, and new standards, and they've done it again with their 2017 offerings. Three bikes, though, are circled in deep dark red on our ride list. We're taking a look at the Woodsmoke, Timberjack and new Mukluk below.

You can find out more about all the nerdy dimensions, shortened chain stays, and other stuff at the Salsa website.  What we're looking at is how we'll use them here in TC, and there really are a lot of cool and unique qays to get on these bikes.


First up, the Timberjack. An aluminum frame and two 1x drivetrains to choose from, SRAM's tried and true GX and their new NX. Both of the bikes have a bigger option to make as well. You can get both builds with 29 or 27.5+ wheels. For Northern Michigan, it's the perfect set-up. Spring and early summer, you'll be ready to race on firmer trails with 29 wheels. But as the sand loosens up by June and July, the flotation of B+ wheels and 3" tires allow you to get through the sand faster and easier.


The Mukluk gets a big update, and it's really about time one of the original fat bikes got a face lift. Essentially, Salsa has taken the much-loved but now discontinued Blackborow. They've Black-borowed the 197 rear hub spacing and much of the geometry, but all in the hopes of continuing what set that bike apart, five inch tires. They've also offered a useful carbon option, which is perfect for folks that want to run wide tires most of the time, but turn the bike into a light and snappy racer for, say, the Short's Brewing Fat Bike Series.


Finally, the Woodsmoke. This one was a curve ball. The bike itself was rumored for a long while, and the expansion of Salsa into more and more carbon models meant something like this was going to happen sooner or later. The introduction of the Woodsmoke wasn't as much of a surprise as Salsa scrapping the El Mariachi, its flagship, steel framed 29er that was a fixture of the line-up for years. We were, admittedly, 'totally bummed' to see it go, as one Ec employee put it. The Woodsmoke, however, is an incredible bike in its own right.

It looks different. There can hardly be a more striking difference in appearance from the new bike to the one it replaced. Instead of thin, steel tubing and expected angles and predictable angles, you have thick carbon and a chain stay that woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Positively, it puts more traditional forms behind function, because for all the wonkiness, it brings a lot of usefulness. First, the Alternator 2.0 drop out let's you go singlespeed and back, no problem, a rare thing on a racy carbon mountain bike, the top build of which weighs in just over 21 pounds. And that splayed stay lets you fit in wider tires, much like the Timberjack. You can find the Woodsmoke stock with 29, 29+ and 27.5+ wheels. Again, for Northern Michigan, it's a way to have the best of both worlds. 29er wheels for races and the firmer months, and a plus wheelset for the sand and really getting after the singletrack.

You can see these bikes for yourself, and even ride them around a bit, September 12! Call Cody at 231-421-8148 with any questions! Watch the Facebook event page for more details, too.