The Coffee Ride: Worlds And The Pumpkin Pedal

photo It's a big, big week. See what's going on at Ec.

After a glorious warm weekend, we've got a great week lined up, starting with the 'soft start' of Tuesday Night Worlds. It'll be chilly, windy and tough; what else could you ask for in April? With some big races on the horizon, there are a lot of folks looking for a good way to stretch the legs, so expect a small but spirited crew for week one. The route is flat, testing and always windy, and the first edition of the year is always especially interesting.

Tuesday nights are some of the fastest rides in the state, often more challenging and aggressive than races. The ride draws some of the fastest and fittest in the area to ride hard every week from late April to September. There have been some legendary rides and impressive days from nearly everyone, with success measured differently for almost every single person. For some, taking one or two of the sprint points is an indicator of fitness and a point of pride. For others, simply finishing in the group is a massive accomplishment. Jason Whittaker's first Tuesday Night rides were a lot like most people's initial attempts: lonely.

"You go one week and hold on and hold on and suffer and make it six miles. Then you go out the next week just hoping to stay on 100, 200 yards further than last time. And the whole way you're learning about cycling, about how to ride in a group, about how to push yourself a little further than the last time."

Now, JW is one of the fastest guys in the group, though that doesn't stop him from encouraging others from giving the ride a try and getting better, 200 yards at a time.

We are also very excited for the second annual Pumpkin Pedal from Jolly Pumpkin. This Sunday at noon, look for hundreds of area cyclists to choose from 20 and 40 mile routes around the beautiful Old Mission Peninsula. Afterwards, enjoy $2 beers and some great grub. The weather looks great, with some sun in the forecast. Shake of the dust, get out there and get in a great ride to kick off the season.

Last year, over 100 cyclists made it out to circumnavigate the peninsula. Ranging from riders fresh off their first races and folks out for their first ride, there's a group and a speed for everyone, with the impossible allure of a La Roja, crisp and cold, awaiting their arrival back at Jolly Pumpkin.

And finally, we're almost ready for Speed of Light Rides to get started for the year. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page and here for more information.