The Coffee Ride: The Pucker In The Desert And The Basement

lemmon-low The world-famous Jason Whittaker is heading west for three weeks. We're going to miss him dearly, right up until he starts calling and complaining about the wait to get into the pool. Then we won't miss him as much.

But one cool deal we are setting up is the first-ever Pucker in the Desert and the Basement. JW is going to take on one of the most famous climbs in North America, Mt. Lemmon. The climb takes riders up 5,454 ft. of elevation over 21 miles, with sweeping views of Tuscon and the surrounding valleys. Just for your reference, the largest climb in Traverse City is up M-72 from West Bay, which is 472 feet. You'd have to hit M-72 11 times to get to the same elevation as Mt. Lemmon.

The amount of people that trek to the mountain each year is staggering, including all sorts of big names pros like Todd Wells, TJ Woodruff, Chloe Woodruff and Brian Matter. The weekly rides draw hundreds of riders, and the battle to the top is fierce. While some are just trying to survive, others are are really trying to test themselves against the big guns.

The Pucker in the Desert and the Basement will be a battle between reality and virtual reality. While JW is ascending towards the heavens, Cody will be in the depths of his basement....also climbing to the top of the Mt. Lemmon. Using the Wahoo Kickr and the Segments from Strava. Using the Internets, he can also do the climb, even at the same time! JW will try to improve on the two hours, nine minute time he put in last year.

Check on back to see some warm weather updates from JW throughout March!