The Coffee Ride: The Ides Of March

Tucson Winter has tossed itself over a few extra weeks it seems, with the little stops and starts of spring seemingly squashed by a days back below freezing. If we'd hoped for a touch warmer weather, we'll have to be content with the promise of it's some point.

With that in mind, The Powers That Be have decided to offer up our remaining Surly Puglseys at 20% off. We've gone through a lot of fat bikes this winter, and with so many people looking to ride them all summer, it makes a lot of sense to get people aboard the original world-famous fat bike.

The Friday Night Lights Finale, set for last week, was rescheduled due to temperatures in the 40s. With Fat Camp! set for the next day, it was actually somewhat nice to head home early. But now, a week on, we're in the same boat and likely cancelling again. It seems Fridays this winter were of two minds; be absolutely frigid, or relatively tropic. The finale will happen, but we are, of course, putting the trail first before our potluck ambitions.

DSCN0034Renovation 2014 is wrapping up, and if you haven't stopped by to check it out, things have really come together. Getting rid of our drop ceiling allowed us to store up to 70 bikes overhead, as well as giving the place a very cool, industrial feel that's just so in right now. We've also got a time machine that doubles as a fitting room, plus a magnetic steel wall display. It's been a lot of work, but it's turned out even better than we thought it could.

Good weather or not, all eyes are on the Barry-Roubaix March 22. Here at the shop, Eric and Cody are planning to represent Ec in the 62 mile race, but they face some decisions. The long and lingering winter has left massive stretches of the course covered in inches of ice, punctuated with miles and miles of mud. It's traditionally a race best run on cyclocross bikes, but with those conditions, both are leaning toward riding a Surly Krampus. Perhaps still the most under-the-radar bike in TC, the 3 inch tires are perfect in sand, ice and slush, and float great over mud as well. It's easily to look at the rig and think it's a smaller fat bike, when in reality, it's just a slightly bigger 29er, aptly dubbed 29+ by Surly. It has a snappy and fast geometry, and it could be the perfect Vasa bike this summer as well. We'll report back after we've cleaned the mud from our eyes and bottom brackets.

Next Monday, on St. Patrick's Day, stop by Kilkenney's and join us for St. Baldrick's Day, the fundraiser for children's cancer research. Cancer research, specifically in children, is underfunded for those who need it most. St. Baldrick's has raised over $16 million this year, with it's head-shaving culmination essentially a big celebration. You can donate to Ec's team until March 17. We'll be in the chair getting bald from 6-7.30 Monday night.