The Coffee Ride: The Gravel Season Is Underway

roubaix005 Barry-Roubaix is in the books, and the Lowell 50 is this weekend. If we can catch our breath from the April Fool's Day Sale, well, we're going to give that one a go.

It's here, or so we are cautiously declaring. Easy to speak too soon, difficult to bear the crush of any snow after March 31. It's been a crazy few days of great weather over the weekend, with temperatures sniffing then climbing right over 50 degrees. With it came some great rides on the road, but with the rain and warmer temperatures, it's only a matter of time until the gravel roads are open, fast and fun once again.

We're transplanting a few of ourselves down to Lowell, Michigan, for the Lowell 50. Eric and I will be en route bright and early with the team to take on the 57 mile race. While it hasn't had a chance to hit the gravel yet, the BMC GF02 Disc has already got nearly 200 miles into the rubber in the past three days. It had not problem keeping up with the regular roads bikes, even on Sunday's Gentlemen's Ride. Over some fast sprints and tough climbs, the bike rolls just as fast as anything on 23s, with the added fun of riding in the gravel shoulder to really gutter people if necessary.

We're eager to start our There Will Be Fun And Blood Ride in another two weeks, starting on April 19. Our Ec Paris-Roubaix Party and Ride should be a pretty good preview of it, especially fueled by croissant, Nutella and doughnuts.

With the weather all over the place, it's not a bad time to stop by and check our clothing options. Current stock is on sale for up to 20%, so grab a jacket, some gloves and warmers, and get ready to hit the gravel as soon as possible.