The Coffee Ride: The Giro and The Village

RobG It's another busy week at Ec, capped off by the second edition of Conquer the Village, with a Grand Tour stage tossed in for good measure.

Conquer the Village is a race that should have happened a long time ago. It takes advantage of the great trails and lung-busting climbs behind the Old State Hospital. The laps are short, tough and plentiful, with even Beginner riders making four trips to the top of the 286 foot climb. For spectators, there are a host of coffee shops, pastry shops and boutiques to check out in between races, though the action will be thick and fast throughout Saturday, May 24.

Ec is so jazzed about the race that we're making our Strava Challenge of the Week the infamous Bottom to Top Climb, which is actually a categorized climb. It starts out on a gravel road, but gives way to a steep section that hits over 10% right off the bat. In the race, it's sort of like sprinting into a brick wall. It relaxes briefly before tossing riders onto a long stretch that flits between 5 and 7%, before a tortuous kick up to 15% right near the top. The 13th best time of the week will get a pair of Ec socks, with the Challenge closing Sunday at 4pm.

The SOL Giro rolls on just a day before CtV, with the delayed Stage Two finally getting the green light. It's one for the sprinter's, with the Power Section winner getting double points for their efforts. The ride leaves the shop at 6.30pm Thursday, but you can also pick it up at the Vasa 25km parking lot at 6.45pm.

Our team had a great time out at Arcadian Grit and Gravel this past weekend, and you can check out how everyone did in our race recap.

It's not too far to our Tech Night, either. The all-new Garmin 1000 will be in the shop this week, so we'll have plenty of time to play around with Garmin's most advanced GPS device yet! We'll also be doing power, heart rate and loads of other stuff, so don't forget to add it to your calendar!