The Coffee Ride: The First Three Bikes Sold At The April Fool's Day Sale (Prediction)

KRAMPUS The April Fool's Day Sale is only a few days off, and I've been eye-balling some lingering bikes that are going to be snapped up right quick.

Winter has been holding on longer than what could be thought considerate. But, there's hope. This weekend leading into the sale could be the turning point. Sunday is 46 degrees, with temperatures in the 40's for as far as the forecast can see. It's going to make for a great time to check out a new ride, and hopefully even put that new bike through the paces.

The first bike to go, I'm calling it, is going to be the BMC TE02 with XO. It's a bike with a somewhat cool story. Originally, BMC never released this aluminum frame with XO parts, or Easton EA70 wheels. Late into the model year of 2012, they had a load of XO parts sitting around, and they decided to slap them on the few remaining TE29 frames they had left. They didn't know that we'd already done almost the exact same upgrades for more than a few customers throughout the spring and summer, who'd already found it to be a perfect setup. When we heard about the new XO packages, we ordered as many as we could get our hands. Amazingly, one hung around. This bike is normally $3,599, and on sale for $2,519. It's a screaming deal, a screaming bike, and one sweet looking ride.

On a completely different note, the Raleigh City Detour is the perfect commuter. It's an awesome set-up for getting around town, bringing your stuff with and just plain looking cool. Disc-brakes, a protected rear derailleur and one slick paint job. The City Detour is usually $650, and we're taking $100 off. There's no bike more ready to pick up a pizza or get you along the TART looking like a real hot dog.

The third sweet deal of the day is the Surly Krampus. It really is the perfect Vasa bike. 3 inch tires, but you can always put on a normal 29er tire as well. The Vasa and really most trails in the area end up being a Saarlock pit by mid-July, and having that wider tire lets you cruise right over the top, without having to resort to an all-out fat bike width of 4 inches. The Krampus is a huge deal out west and was the most popular bike at events like Singlespeed USA last year, and now, Eric and I are racing and riding them this summer. There's a full size run available, with the price down to $1,755 from $1,950.