The Coffee Ride: Speed of Light Giro Competition

SOL Traverse City's favorite group mountain bike is back, and this year, the first week is one of the biggest.

The first Grand Tour competition gets underway with the first running of Speed of Light, which leaves the shop at 6.30pm, will be just the start of the year-long WorldTour points series. The structure will reward the fastest, the most consistent, and the most improved from May 8 to the end of September.

The points will be divided between three Grand Tours (Giro in May, Tour in July, Vuelta in August/September), and four WorldTour events in June. We'll have points for each Grand Tour stage, plus bonuses for jersey competition wins and overall victory.

For the WorldTour events, June will see four straight themed events, challenging everyone to get out and try SOL on a different bike. Expect to see finalized dates for CX Night, SS Night, Fat Bike Night and Cruiser Night on the calendar very soon. These will offer up big bonuses in points for those who give it a shot, enough to keep almost any rider in the hunt for overall glory.

After the Tour in July, we'll have two weeks of Monuments. The first Thursday will be Ladies' Night, with all women on hand getting double points for their efforts. The second Thursday in August will be a surprise...but you'll want to be there.

The Vuelta caps off the Grand Tours, and provides the perfect training run-in for those looking to take the most coveted title around, the Speed of Light World Champion. Reining World Champion Ryan Kennedy will spend all of the summer resplendent in the rainbow jersey, until he'll have to defend it on September 25.

It's a long road to the WorldTour title, but the winner will receive a special Ec jersey, a gift certificate and some other great goodies in addition to the acclaim and prestige attached to the first ever points title on offer.

Our points system will be updated every week, as well as the official list of times here.