The Coffee Ride: On Renovation, Youth, And Time

14 - 1If you've made it into the shop recently, you're probably covered in awe of the great improvements already made, and perhaps also covered in a light dusting of drywall dust. We literally raised the roof over the past few weeks, and while it has taken a touch longer than originally anticipated, the results have also exceeded expectation. The finishing strokes will come with the painter, but we're already excited about our super clean, industrial-looking ceiling. No more tiles and florescent light banks; the shop looks like it could host a concert for some hipster band you haven't heard of in the warehouse district of some trendy town like Portland or Brooklyn or maybe Beulah.

Natron has constructed hooks for us to hang over 60 bikes from, enough to fit all of our stock in the shop. It'll really make everything look grand, plus eliminate our need to run down to SoCrow for bikes. Our 40 yard dash time has sort of peaked, anyway.

We're also excited to be helping out with Jolly Pumpkin's Indoor Pumpkin Pedal this Saturday, February 22 from 2-5. It's going to be a great chance to raise some money for two local youth cycling programs in TC. Norte Cycling is entering its first season in promoting cycling in elementary-aged kids. The goal is to show cycling as a lifestyle, as a lot of fun, and maybe a fun thing to race. Hagerty Youth Cycling is entering its third full season and has grown from three kids to over a dozen, including some of the brightest teenage riders in the state. 1493255_578777812201225_1845093651_n

The event includes some pretty cool competitions on the Wahoo Kickr, $2 beer and a lot of fun for everyone in the TC cycling community.

Don't forget March 8 is the final Northern Michigan Fat Bike Series race of the year. Fat Camp! is going to be run as a part of the Suds'n'Snow Festival out at Timber Ridge. The short, fast course will run between the two big beer venues, meaning lots of loud, slightly intoxicated spectators to urge on the racers. Registration is open, so get up on that.