The Coffee Ride: BMC Demo Day May 10


It's a rare day when you can ride the full line of BMC bicycles. Luckily, we know exactly when and where such an event will occur.

For the second spring running, Ec welcomes the very bikes Switzerland has to offer. Road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes and everything in between. Last year, we took off on some pretty special rides, including our first trip to Elk Rapids of the year led by John Leach.

The Demo starts at noon, with bikes going out on a first come, first serve basis. Our two group rides will leave at 12:15, with the roadies heading to Elk Rapids and the dirt lovers hitting the Vasa 25km. Both rides should take around an hour and a half. Once the bikes are back, everyone can take shorter trips from 1.30-4pm. We're expecting a big turnout, so make sure you're here and ready to roll!

BMC has some great bikes available, and there's a lot to see. 2013's demo day was our first look at BMC's aero road bike line, the Timemachine Road. We hoped on board for a test ride, and even rolling along conversationally, it was pretty impressive to feel such a fast bike armed with Ultegra Di2.

Check in on the event here, and stay up to date!