Stan's Notubes Enters 29+ Game

As Bike Rumor has discovered, one of the biggest names in wheels is hopping into the game...and it won't be long until you see fat bike wheels, either. Bike Rumor put together a great scouting report on the new release from Stan's NoTubes, the Hugo. It's the 29+ wheelset we've been looking for. Aside from the Velocity Dually and stock Rabbit Hole from Surly, there hasn't been a go-to wheelset for 29+ builds to lighten up the Krampus, or convert a fat bike into a summer rig with the new big wheels.

Stan's is entering with the Hugo, a 50mm rim on it's own hubs. Of course, it's tubeless ready, it's light, and it comes with Stan's warranty, which is pretty sweet.