Speed of Light Schedule: June

10434196_10152026673161685_6008497908754232477_n After the Giro, it's into the WorldTour run now, starting with Fat Bike Night on June 12.

Le Soir du Velo Graisse kicks off the WorldTour month of June. For three weeks, each stage is worth 20 points, but riders who compete on the themed bike get double the points. For example, if, say, Ryan Kennedy wins this Thursday on his Mukluk, he'll get 40 points! If you're 20th place, you'll get 2 points instead of 1!

June 19 is Cyclocross Night, also worth 20 points but double for those who finish on a cyclocross bike. It'll be a real challenge in the gathering sands, but also a ton of fun to see people flexing their bike-handling muscles.

Finally, June 26 is Singlespeed/Women's Night. People who refuse to shift and all ladies will get double their points, not matter where the finish.

July 3 will be worth no special points, as it comes the night before the Pancake Ride.

Get out, try out a new bike, and try to hit all the events. The WorldTour winner will get a gift card and other Ec goodies.