Shinola HQ Is Open, While Ec Becomes HQ North

shinola-coolhunting-Detroit-HQ-4-thumb-620x413-58337 Shinola unleashed its new headquarters in Detroit, and while it's certainly a different feel from Ec, we think it's pretty darn nice. Like, really nice.

If you're setting yourself up as the beacon around which to rebuild Detroit, you had better do it right. Shinola HQ is officially open, and they've embodied the beauty, simplicity and class of  Michigan's historic city.

The work won't be easy, but it will be stunning. Shinola's Bixby and Runwell have turned heads all over. The company's other premiere offering, its line of watches and leather goods, impressed at watch shows all over the world in this spring, and have repeatedly sold out within hours of being released. There's a healthy amount of momentum behind the brand that is encouraging not only for Shinola but for Detroit as well.

We've had the Bixby and Runwells sitting in the shop for a few weeks now, and they've become a sort of centerpiece for the store. Customers stop to look at them, running a finger over the frame and squeezing the brake levers. Most are impressed at the bike itself, of course, but even more embrace the bikes because of the headbadge with "Detroit" stamped on so proudly. Everyone in Traverse City has ties to Detroit in some way or another, and as Detroit goes, so has the state. There is something about ourselves in the city, and there's something about our past and future in every single Shinola product.

To check out Shinola's new HQ, check out Detroit Curb's great piece on the Grand Opening.

As always, stop by the shop to check out the full bike line from Shinola.