Shine On: Everything Shinola At Einstein Cycles

DSCN0202 Ec is happy to welcome in a full selection of Shinola products, and not just their beautiful bicycles. From classic timepieces to wonderfully crafted leather goods and notebooks, Shinola has brought the pride of manufacturing back to Detroit.

For over a year now, you've been able to salivate over Shinola's Runwell and Bixby bicycles. We've been exceptionally fond of these bikes, pieced together by steel frame specialist Waterford, the company founded by Richard Schwinn. The pride and heritage of that name lends so much to these bikes, sourced almost entirely from the United States wherever possible. Shinola is planning on moving frame building in the near future as well. They are built in Detroit, and available at select shops around the nation. Einstein Cycles is the only shop in Northern Michigan to offer these high quality machines.

Now, we can also show you Shinola's award-winning watches as well. There are a number to chose from, but all are constructed in Detroit. In a former General Motors building, the spirit of Michigan manufacturing is alive and well, with world-class quality coming from the hands of men and women that once built automobiles.

We also carry Shinola's notebooks, made in Ann Arbor, and leather goods, produced by Horween in Chicago, Illinois. Shinola has called on America's greatest craftsmen to produce this pieces. Horween has over a century's worth of experience in creating the highest-grade leather goods.