Reynolds Ride2Decide Program: A Wheelie Good Deal

2013-03-27 11.02.36

Aside from the world’s greatest program name since Try Before You Buy, the Reynolds Ride2Decide program is the single greatest thing to ever happen, ever. Want to have your mind blown by riding some carbon wheels, and get a slick deal in the process? Here you go, you World Beater, you!

The Ride2Decide program just plopped into the shop last week, and we’re geeked at the opportunity to let you ride some carbon wheels. Wheels are by far the most efficient, bang-for-your-buck upgrades in the bicycle world. There’s a lot to it, from  the lightweight, stiff and snappy feel of Reynolds carbon to the incredible ride quality you expect from such well-built wheels.

For those looking ahead to the Cherry-Roubaix, the Attack wheelset may be the answer. They’re some of the lightest wheels out there, perfect for the high climbs of the road race. The set weighs in at 1400 grams, which means, mathematically, they are most likely lighter than what you have. Probably.

Another great option available for the Ride2Decide is the Assault wheelset. A great, all-around set of wheels that hold up well for big miles training or big races, the Assaults offer outstanding lightweight and the chops to take on the world famous potholes of Grand Traverse County.

An exciting new addition for the newly formed Ec Tri Club is Reynolds’ release of the Strike. These super-aero wheels come with 81mm rims, a great depth for all-around time trials and triathlons. Right from the start, Reynolds has declared that these are meant for speed specialists who don’t want to empty their kids’ college funds.

And Reynolds is making it easy to get onto these wheelsets. With the Ride2Decide program, you get $100 cash back when you buy the wheels within 60 days of your test ride, plus free access to their Reynolds Assurance Program, a warranty worth $250. Get your wheels, get $100, and get the peace of mind that your wheels will be there for you for a long time to come.

Stop by the shop, hang out, and get to know Reynolds. Taking a set of these bad dads out for a spin might be the most fun you’ve ever had.