Traverse City's Photographer: An Ode to Jody Hofstra

With the 2013 Iceman Cometh on the way, Ec would like to honor one of Northern Michigan's best photographers. For years now, Jody Hofstra has been on hand for the state's biggest races. No one captures a race or a rider like Jody, and she's taken some amazing images. She's nearly always on hand when her husband and son, Dan and Brian, take on races. While those are her favorite subjects, Jody has done some of her best work with Einstein Racing riders and complete strangers. She's brilliant in the woods and on the road, or wherever Dan and Brian end up.

The Iceman is first and foremost a spectacle. Jody, armed with a camera and bundled up against the fall chill, captures it perfectly. In a salute to Jody, we've grabbed a few of our favorite shots over the past few years to share with you, including the iconic photographs from last year's white Iceman.

Thanks for all your hard work, Jody.


The ever-smiling Nate St. Onge at the 2013 Mud, Sweat and Beers.

2012 Iceman Cometh. Dan Hofstra hits the line just behind Ty Schmidt.

2012 Peak2Peak. Johanna Schmidt on the ascent.

2012 Iceman Cometh. Dan Hofstra is a particular favorite of Jody's.

2013 Cherry-Roubaix.

Somewhere in France...