Iceman Cometh 2013: What We're Riding

With the Iceman Cometh just a few days away, mountain bikers everywhere are excited to take on the 30 mile jaunt from Kalkaska to Traverse City. There are tons of questions about bikes, gear, tires, everything, so we figured we could answer a few things by showing you what we are riding ourselves. Nate St. Onge, Mechanic. The Bike: BMC TE01

This rig comes in at just 18.12 pounds, one of the lightest bikes ever to come out of the shop. Nate has made some special modifications to this bad dad, including a Whiskey fork, Ti bolts everywhere and his trusted carbon Moto 2 bar. The tire selection has been of particular concern, and he's converted to two Rocket Rons for the Iceman. These tires hook up great, and when you're the king of singletrack, you better have it nailed.

Jason Lowetz, Owner/Rock Star. The Bike: BMC FS01


The Boss Man is sticking with his full suspension rig for Iceman. While 29er hardtails are the most popular choice, this 22 pound bike won over his heart at races like Ore2Shore and Peak2Peak. It matches his style of riding, which is aggressive on the downhills and singletrack, and lets him push the issue in those spots. He's going with the popular Rocket Ron up front, Racing Ralph out back set up that does so well on the VASA.

Cody Sovis, Internet/Trash. The Bike: Focus Raven 3.0


No cyclocross this year. After bouncing between the 'cross bike, a Salsa Beargrease, a Surly Krampus and a Raven, the decision has been made. Cody will be on the Raven 3.0 with XO grip shift and luxuries like hydrolic disc brakes, a suspension fork (what?) and two whole chain rings up front. After riding a 'cross bike, it's like being on a cloud. He's sticking with his beloved Continental tires, this time XKings. Great tires in some of the soggy spots of the course.

Bennett Paul, Mechanic. The Bike: Salsa Mukluk

All fatty, all the time. Young Bennett will take the line in his first Iceman astride his specially built, black and purple Mukluk. He's sticking with his Bud/Lou tires, which have been set up tubeless using his own, personal method, which is top secret, of course. BP will use the wide tires to attack in the sand and singletrack, and survive the hills, as his rig weighs a bit more than most bikes out there.

Jason Whittaker, Manager. The Bike: Salsa Beargrease (Carbon)


That's right, carbon. Fat bikes are just the bike for JW, and he adopted his aluminum Beargrease as his fat bike over a year ago. He's faster on fat tires, and now he'll be scary quick on a carbon bike that will weigh in around 25 pounds. Salsa made a special effort to make sure Ec had some carbon Beargreases on hand before November 2, and JW will try repay the favor with a great result in the Ice Bike Category.