Cyclocross Is Back!

photo-3 You've probably been waiting breathlessly since last December for the announcement of our 2013 Cross the Bay Cyclocross Series schedule. Well, take a deep breath and hold on.

First off, we're very happy to announce that North Country Cycle Sport is back as partners in crime for the season. They've been great pals and we've spent many a sleepover in Barbie sleeping bags, eating popcorn and coming up with the 'deets' for our second year. Like last year, they'll be starting off the first two races, and boy oh boy, you're in for a treat.

September 29 makes everything alright. We're back in East Jordan for Breezeway Cross. Last year, the series kicked off with a solid field of racers. From beginners to the seasoned 'cross vet, we had a little bit of everything at the start line on what turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.

It's a short two week break before the racing is back. October 13 brings us back to Petoskey High School. It's one of the coolest, most demanding courses in the series, and one where the mountain bikes might be able to make the race. While the skinnier tires will always be an advantage, mountain bikes fared well last year. Look for more wide-open grass sprints and the famous switchback climb back to the school.

It's just seven days until the big debut of Crystal Cross. A new race, a new venue, and a whole new stage for cyclocross makes October 20 a date which will live in 'famy'. That's the opposite of infamy. Just a day after Peak2Peak, we're anticipating a whole slew of racers to take a shot at the established crew of 'crossers. There's no more beautiful spot to race bikes than Crystal Mountain in mid-October, and getting in a second race on a big weekend is a great chance to get the legs ready before the Iceman Cometh.

The Big Dance. The Whole Enchilada. The Meat Tornado. There aren't enough superlatives to accurately describe the cumulative race of the Series, Pumpkin Pie SuperPrestige. Back at the Traverse City Civic Center for the third year in a tow, this time, it's pie-themed. December 1 means it could be 60 degrees or 10 degrees. It could be in snow or in sunshine. There's a 100% chance of awesome in the forecast, so get ready to rock. It's also just a week before the state championships, making it the perfect launching pad for a shot at the title.