Cody's Christmas List, Er, A Guide To Cycling Gifts

url We've put together a special guide for that handsome Einstein Cycles employee on your list. Or someone else. 

Christmas comes just once a year, and it's a time of light, magic, love, and bike gifts. It's not always easy to know what a guy who has EVERYTHING needs, but you should never stop looking for that little something that could change a person's life. I need a few things, and if I need them, so, too, may your special friend or spouse.

Bar Mitts. If your hands are cold, you ain't having no fun, son. Even the best gloves don't cut it when the mercury dips into the single digits. For the long rides, too, Bar Mitts offer great warmth without getting wet, soggy and then cold. They come in cool colors, but survey says black is Cody's favorite. Wink.


Michelin Star Grip Tires. Fat bikes are sweet, but if you're planning on taking on, say, the Rapha Festive 500, you're gonna want to get in the bulk of the miles on some 700c wheels. Michelin bypassed studded tires with the award-winning Star Grip Tire. They come in a nice and ample 40 width, but the super-soft rubber and star design are unmatched for grip in the snow, ice and drifts. This is one you'll want to pick up soon if you're planning on joining Cody in the Festive 500, which starts December 24. Gee, I hope I get some before then!


Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong by David Walsh. Time off the bike is best spent reading about bikes. In 2013, David Walsh completed another slam-dunk of a book on his nearly 15 year adventure covering professional cycling, doping, and the massive myth of Lance Armstrong. From his days dumpster diving at Le Tour, to the blow back from his accusatory pieces on USPS and his strange relief at Armstrong's too-little-too-late admission, this book is an intriguing take on the rise and fall of one of the most successful and deceitful athletes in history.

seven-deadly-sins-bookAll-City Nature Boy. Channel your inner hipster, and get a little bit better at bicycle riding, with this all-steel singlespeed cyclocross bike. Equally suited to commuting, racing or more general shredding, this rig is a great Michigan-weather bike. No derailleur to bend, no shifters to gum up, just steady riding through the slush and snowy roads. all_city_nature_boy

Gore Thermal Liners. Keep your prunes warm, guys. Slap these thermal liners under you bibs, toss on some leg warmers, and any set of shorts you have instantly become toasty warm. Great for temperatures from 40 to near 0, and they also can get tossed under baggy shorts for those relaxed rides, too.

45nrth Greazy Cap. The best thing you will ever put on your head short of a lampshade. Warm, soft and stylish, it's best feature is the fabric. Warm as wool, but wicks even faster and dries in just an hour if you just put it over a heating vent. These were out of stock for most of the fall and into December, but JW nabbed up nearly a dozen. They're here.


Ec Wool Socks. Classic WoolieBoolie socks with "Einstein" on them. You'll be fighting the cold from September to May, might as well buy 47 pairs. Seriously. You're going to wear these every day, paired with your long johns and Ec Pom Pom hat.

Park Tools Repair Stand. Give your tinker-er a stand to put his bike in while he/she pokes, prods, scrubs, hugs, and eventually brings it in for Nate to fix anyway. NOTE: Do not get this for me. I will probably just re-gift it to Nate or BP for fixing all of my junk for the past 14 months. product_353481_14419

GORE Bike Wear Countdown Pants. When James Brown was singing about Hot Pants, he may have inspired GORE to create these baggy-yet-functional pantaloons. Baggy but cut to ride, these bad mama jamas look equally stylish on the trail as at Brew TC. Pockets, vents and closures in all the right places, and they're warm and built with Windstopper to keep your pistons warm down near zero degrees when paired with tights or the thermal shorts above.

You can use the Einstein registry system if you don't want to double up buying for me, or anyone else, or whatever. Totally fine. No pressure.