On The Couch with Ben Boyce

Ben Boyce joined the Ec team in April of 2016, and he's brought a fresh look to Traverse City's cycling scene. A family man, a wheelie master, and an aspiring teacher, he's balancing bikes, babies, books and Betsy, and doing it all incredibly well. Our second On The Couch gets the full details on all things Boyce, especially the sandwich thing. 

1. Why did you name your kids after sandwiches?  

I love sandwiches.  I eat a sandwich nearly everyday.  If I was around 300 years ago, I’d be the Earl of Sandwich.  That being said, I’ll give you Ruben, but I’ve never heard of a Josie sandwich!  

2. What brought you back to Michigan from Seattle?  

My wife, Betsy, and I are both from Michigan originally.  We always planned on moving back home, and the young’uns were the motivators.  We had a wonderful time in Seattle for 12 years, but it feels really good to be back in Michigan.

3. Does it actually rain all the time in Seattle, or is that a myth?  

Myth.  I’ll say that now that I’m not worried about a bunch of people moving there and driving up rents!

4. What's the biggest difference between the cycling scene in Seattle and in TC?  

It’s not so different really.  Oh, wait.  Fatbikes!  Fatbikes are a rare thing over there.   I miss the cyclocross action in the northwest, too.  I’d like to see more of that in northern Michigan.  

5. What is your favorite bike that you used to have, but don't own any more?

I had a Trek Mountain Track 800 that I rode across Oaxaca, Mexico with some friends.  It was a terrible bike, but I loved where it took me.  I ended up leaving it with a friend of a friend in Mexico, and she actually rode it into the ground.  So that was cool!

6. What TC ride or route would you like to try that you haven't done yet?  

I heard that Bossman pulled his kids in a Burley up to Elk Rapids to go swimming.  That’d be a big effort, but I’d like to try it.  

7. What bikes are you riding right now?

My aluminum Salsa Beargrease with Flowbeist/Dunderbeist tires.  I really like riding in the snow when I get the chance.  

8. Who would win in a cyclocross race, you or your wife, Betsy?

 I would win.  BUT I’ve messed up a lot at the barriers and she never has, so she might catch me there.  

9. You're a great bike fitter, so tell us. What's the most annoying thing you notice in people that have bikes that don't fit them?  

When they tell me that they’re “not racing or anything like that”.  They should still be comfortable.  

10. You ride with Reuben on your bars in a child seat often. Does that have faring-like effects?  

No.  There is nothing aero about that kid.  

11. What Ec customers is the hardest on their bike?  

Joe Gaylord and Ryan Kennedy seem to go through drivetrains at a high rate.  

12. If you have one word of advice to cyclists, what would it be?  


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